How To Choose The Perfect Luggage For Your Trip

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How To Choose The Perfect Luggage For Your Trip

Words by Mr Cillian O’Connor

15 February 2017

Five of the best suitcases and bags to carry you through your travels with ease – wherever you might be headed.

When it comes to luggage, size matters. If your case is too big for the trip you’re about to undertake, it becomes a cumbersome curse; too small and you’ll have your hands full. Not only that, but the way a suitcase or holdall is made, and what it’s made from, are equally important factors when deciding which bag is best for your destination. To steer you towards travel success, we’ve compiled a useful guide to matching your luggage to the task at hand. Happy travels.

The long-haul holiday

FABBRICA PELLETTERIE MILANOSpinner 76cm Aluminium Suitcase

Planning to properly get away from it all? If you’re jetting off for longer than a week, it’s smart to invest in luggage that’s capacious enough to carry all your holiday essentials both securely, and in style. This case, from Italian design maestros Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano, is just the ticket. Made from sturdy aluminium, its stylishly minimal exterior is ridged to absorb shock from (inevitably) being flung about in cargo. What’s more, its roomy interior is fully lined and also comes fitted with two internal dividers (to help guide you in the art of packing), and four leather straps, to help you keep your shirts, trousers and shoes in perfect order.

What to pack

The city break

BALENCIAGAArena Creased-Leather Duffle Bag

A weekend of city-slicking calls for a bag that’s equal parts cosmopolitan and convenient – something you can stow a few outfits in, but that won’t weigh you down as you dash from the plane to the hotel to dinner. Balenciaga’s creased-leather duffle comes up trumps. Carefully crafted in Italy, its interior is equipped with pouches and zipped pockets (perfect for safely storing your electronics) and you can carry it two ways: using the shoulder strap, or the handles (which, it’s worth pointing out, are thoughtfully adorned with the brand’s signature chunky whip-stitch). That’s the kind of versatility that’ll come in handy when making your way through bustling crowds.

What to pack

The business trip

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNALeather-Trimmed Herringbone Coated-Canvas Trolley Case

Travelling for business rather than pleasure? Then your bag needs to work overtime, too. And by that we mean it should be: a) capable of comfortably accommodating your work- and off-duty wear and electronics, b) nimble enough to be whisked through airports at speed, and c) on occasions where your schedule won’t permit a pre-powwow pit-stop, smart enough to pass muster in the corner of a boardroom. To that end, allow us to introduce Ermenegildo Zegna’s multi-tasking trolley case. Made in Italy from sturdy coated-canvas, this hard-worker is also – by most airlines’ definitions – well within cabin baggage restrictions, so you won’t lose valuable time (and therefore, money) stood staring at a baggage carousel. Plus, its interior nylon pouch doubles as a garment bag. Good job.

What to pack

The country retreat

MULBERRYMedium Clipper Holdall

With air pollution skyrocketing in some urban areas, the idea of spending a few days somewhere more pastural has never been so appealing. But getting off the grid doesn’t necessarily mean going back to basics: a man should look as sharp for a sojourn in the sticks as a spell (and a cough and a splutter) in the city. To nail the out-of-town aesthetic, enlist the help of British leather accessories brand Mulberry – specifically its scotchgrain Clipper holdall. As classic as it is durable, this handsome accessory features contrast tan leather trims and thoughtful additions such as a luggage tag, a branded padlock and metal feet (so the bottom of your bag doesn’t get dropped in “it”– whatever “it” might be).

What to pack

The hiking expedition

EASTPAKKillington Leather-Trimmed Canvas Backpack

Whether you’re trekking the Camino de Santiago or exploring the rolling hills of Scotland, only a rugged backpack befits a rough-and-ready getaway; you need a bag that promises to endure while you pound pavements and mountain paths. Eastpak – the Boston-born brand that offers a 30-year warranty on all of its regular products – knows a thing or two about going the whole hog. Plus, all of its wares are purposed-designed for the modern-day nomad, coming replete with pockets (this backpack has two zipped ones at the front, two zipped at the sides; and an internal sleeve for your laptop or tablet) and padded surfaces that guarantee comfortable wear for hours on end. Now that’s worth raising a canteen to.

What to pack

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