The World’s Best Diners

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The World’s Best Diners

Words by Mr Alex Tieghi-Walker

20 April 2016

Little Goat Diner, Chicago. Photograph by Galdones Photography

The “Historic” Village Diner, Red Hook, New York

Left: The “Historic” Village Diner. Photograph by Ms Karen McBurnie. Right: omelette. Photograph by Gallery Stock

Nalu Diner, Berlin

Nalu Diner and the deuces wild breakfast platter. Photographs by Mr Erik Collinder

The Fremont Diner, Sonoma, California

Left: The Fremont Diner. Photograph by Mr Michael B Woolsey. Right: cracklin’. Photograph by Mr Greg Robison

The Eathouse Diner, Sydney

Left: The Eathouse Diner. Photograph courtesy of The Eathouse Diner. Right: choc molé spiced tart. Photograph by Mr Howard Trang

Little Goat Diner, Chicago

Little Goat Diner and the kimchee and bacon and eggs and pancakes Asian-style breakfast tasty thing. Photographs by Galdones Photography

Electric Diner, London

Electric Diner and the signature hot dog. Photographs courtesy of Soho House