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A Man’s Guide To Anti-Ageing (Whatever Your Age)

December 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Illustration by Mr Andrea Mongia

Showing your age? The skin on your face is probably the first thing to give you away, and those fine (or not so fine) lines are a cruel reminder of everything from how many pints you had last night to how many cigarettes you’ve sneaked in the past decade. Fortunately, saving your poor old time-weathered visage is possible. It just takes a little knowhow and a well-stocked bathroom cabinet.

Anti-ageing might sound like a category on its own, but these days dermatologists are engineering cosmetics to target the concerns of specific age groups. So, whether you need to bring in the big guns to turn back the clock or are simply looking for a little preventive TLC, here are the products that can help.

For the first signs of ageing

Sisley - Paris
SisleYouth Anti-Ageing Treatment, 40ml
Lab Series
Future Rescue Repair Serum, 50ml