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A Simple But Successful Gooseberry Soufflé Recipe

July 2018Words by Mr Nicholas Balfe, founder and head chef at Salon, London

Gooseberry Soufflé. Photograph courtesy of Salon

Although I have been a professional chef for at least a decade, I’d say I’m pretty underqualified to be telling you how to make soufflés successfully. Up until recently, I had made about three in my entire career, and I’m not sure any of them would have made it past the critical eye of a classically trained pastry chef, and certainly wouldn’t have been worthy of my Instagram account.

Mr Nicholas Balfe

This week, I had the pleasure of cooking alongside Mr Ben Murphy, head chef at Launceston Place in Kensington. We collaborated on a menu which fused some of the dishes we cook at my London restaurant, Salon, with Mr Murphy’s witty, playful take on fine dining. We decided that the menu should peak, both figuratively, and literally, with a gooseberry soufflé for dessert.