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An Exclusive Vetements X Reebok Instapumps Drop

November 2017Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Reebok’s Instapump Fury sneaker has come a long way in the 23 years since it was first released. Chunky, loud, and full of little nooks and crannies, it was originally envisioned as a performance running shoe, but its ski boot-inspired design combined with its inflatable technology culminated in a mutant sneaker creation that, because of its oddball appearance, quickly became a cult classic rather than the kind of thing you’d lace up (or not in this case) for a morning run.

No love lost there. Fast forward to 2017 and, thanks to a certain French design collective, MR PORTER have been given the opportunity of launching one of the new Vetements X Reebok Instapump styles ahead of anyone else. The Instapump Fury has never been more relevant – Reebok’s latest iteration of the sneaker quite literally has Vetements written all over it.

Collaborating with Reebok on a collection of sneakerssocks and scarves, Vetements’ newest take on the Instapump Fury is a clean, white riff on the classic and its mesh and leather is emblazoned with the collective’s logo. Most notably, though, are the pump-up buttons that double as emojis – a kiss on the right foot, an eye roll on the left, rushing from love to disappointment with each step. To avoid the sentiment of the latter, act quickly – they’ve just landed on MR PORTER (or will do so on Friday in the US), but we doubt their faces will stick around for long.