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AW18 Trends: How To Wear This Season’s Brown

October 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

What’s your favourite colour when it comes to clothes? Answer quickly. Did you say brown? Of course you didn’t. Nobody’s favourite colour is brown. It is the dirt-coloured uniform worn by Fagin and his guttersnipes and the bumbling woodland wizard from The Hobbit. And yet. There’s something to be said for a solid pair of chestnut Chelsea boots or the soft, erudite charm of a caramel sweater. Brown is a stoic and affable colour, able to smarten up an outfit or dress it down, and looks at home on everything from boots to sweaters to shirts and coats. Don’t believe us? Just look at Mr Jeff Goldblum, a man who, spotted recently in a trusty corduroy blazer, is an arbiter of dressing well in brown. It’s not as harsh as black or as dull as grey, and it’s as versatile as the autumn nights are long. It’s also one of our trends at MR PORTER this season, which means there’s lots of good brown stuff about. With that in mind, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites below, plus some ideas of what to wear them with.


Simeon Suede Chelsea Boots
Thom Browne
Camel Hair and Silk-Blend Bomber Jacket

These brown suede boots from A.P.C. are an attractive mix of simple but smart, longwearing but lightweight, sturdy yet comfortable. Good for wearing on your commute or at the weekends, we think they’ll look the part with this Teddy boy (and teddy bear)-esque fleecy bomber jacket from Thom Browne.