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The Members’ Club That Will Enhance Your Brain

February 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Illustration by Mr Giordano Poloni

Imagine a place you could visit where somebody could see inside your mind, give it a check-up, and make it hum with intelligence and mindfulness, transforming you into the best possible version of you. No, we haven’t just written the plot for a episode of Black Mirror, nor is this concept a twinkle in the eye of some would-be Silicon Valley billionaire. Instead, it is already a reality, masterminded by an initiative called Field.

“Currently, things like yoga, mindfulness, self-help, self-care – they’re all just a side bar in people’s lives,” says Mr Devon White, Field’s co-founder. “As far as I’m concerned, that should be the pillar at the centre of people’s daily existence.”

Mr White is a performance consultant and behavioural designer based in New York. Following a chance meeting last year with psychiatrist Dr Hasan Asif, the pair are putting together the finishing touches on a concept that looks as though it will ring in a new age of wellness. “Field is really an approach to wellness that starts in the most obvious place, which is the interface for all other aspects of ourselves: the brain,” says Mr White.