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Coming Soon: The Nike React Element 87

June 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

All photographs by Ms Sirui Ma, courtesy of Nike

Sneakers sit at the zenith of fashion. They’re the most talked-about items of clothing and everybody seems to wear them. Look at the front row of almost any fashion show these days and you’re more likely to see a wealth of coveted creps than formal leather shoes. Decry the  dearth of the latter if you wish, but it’s hard to oversell the charm of sneakers, especially when they’re at the centre of so much cultural buzz. From Balenciaga’s heavyweight Triple S model to Off-White’s 3.0 , there are certain sneakers that steer the conversation. The latest to do so is Nike’s much-hyped React Element 87, which is about to hit the market.

Supported by exclusive imagery created for MR PORTER in partnership with Nike – styled by Mr Stephen Mann and photographed by Ms Sirui Ma – the React Element 87 launch is pegged to be one of the season’s most exciting. Read on to find out more and, more importantly, how you can get your hands on a pair.