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Five Burger Tasting Notes From An Expert

June 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Illustration by Ms Anje Jager

When it comes to the hamburger, it’s safe to say that Mr Mark Rosati knows his stuff. Having served since 2007 as culinary director for restaurant chain Shake Shack, he’s spent almost a decade travelling the globe gathering inspiration for his company’s simple yet delicious sandwiches – now available in more than 90 locations across the globe. For his latest creation, the Yard Burger, which launches at Shake Shack in London today, he worked with Neal’s Yard Dairy to find the perfect cheese (a Colston Bassett Stilton) and then developed a thick, crunchy and spicy pickled onion relish to go with it, “to clean the palate and not make it feel so rich and heavy”.

So who better, then, to offer an opinion on the platonic ideal of the burger, as we head into a few months that are (hopefully) set to be full of the things? “I think it should be as simple as possible,” says Mr Rosati. “It should never take away from the centre, the hallmark of any great burger, and that’s the meat. Scroll down for Mr Rosati’s guide to appreciating the burger…

A good burger, says Mr Rosati, has a particular heft to it. When tasting, he considers this before even taking a bite:

“The first thing I do is look at it, maybe squish the bun a little, and see if any juices come out… I want to see juices. I also like to feel the weight of the meat in the bun. You should feel the meat as you press into the bun.”