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Five Iconic Bomber Jackets In Movies

March 2018Words by Mr Mark Edwards

Mr Alain Delon in Once A Thief. Photograph by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

In screenwriting terms, creating characters who have their own identity is about as important as it gets. A sense of personality is what helps audiences relate to and remember the fictional people they see on screen.

While it might sound tricky to paint a complete picture of a personality in 90 minutes (and, as many screenwriters will attest, it is), there are some shortcuts that can help a character come to life. Sometimes it’s a standout behavioural cue. Sometimes it’s a memorable chunk of dialogue. And sometimes it’s simply an item of clothing that burns a character into our collective memory.

If the way a character dresses functions as a way to help audiences quickly understand and connect with their identity, then the bomber jacket must be one of the easiest, clearest ways to say this guy is dangerous, an outsider, a rebel. Bombers were originally worn by American aviators in WWII, before being adopted by every counter-cultural group from motorbike gangs to skinheads.