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Five Mr Casey Affleck Films You Need To See

February 2017Words by Mr Ed Cripps

Mr Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea, 2016. Photograph courtesy of Studio Canal

Last night, at the Bafta Film Awards at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Mr Casey Affleck won Best Actor for his role as a grieving janitor in Manchester By The Sea. A mesmeric accumulation of subtext upon subtext, it is his most complete performance so far. Mr Affleck is not without his detractors (allegations of sexual impropriety by two ex-colleagues were settled last year), but his win vindicates subtlety and watchfulness for a man with a less glamorous background than the surname suggests (his acceptance speech revealed he got into acting to cope with his mum’s alcoholism). With increasing composure, he has attuned the sleepy eyes, reedy voice and slightly manic smile to different parts representing a fractured nation, expansively photographed hinterlands and backwaters with the odd life-art overlap. Here, beyond Manchester By The Sea, are his five most important performances to date.