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Five Of The Best Summer Wines For Less Than £20

June 2018Words by Mr Ethan Fixell

Our propensity for wine snobbery is normally high. But when it comes to summer drinking, we should be looking for two things: drinkability and value. Summer wine ought to be easy. It should be refreshing, ready to drink and, most of all, affordable. Finding quality examples of such wine requires a bit of digging.

While you may not have heard of some of the grape varieties or regions below, you’ll want to add one or two to your list of reliable go-tos when browsing your local off-licence or restaurant menu. As widely available as these wines are, if you’re unable to obtain a particular vintage or producer, simply take note of the variety and region. Another wine from the same origin made from the same grape can often serve as a worthy substitute.

Here are five of the best inexpensive yet individual wines that will deliver the most quality for the least amount of money this summer.