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Five Ways To Be More Productive (From An Expert)

April 2016Words by Tom M Ford, Deputy Editor, THE DAILY, MR PORTER

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter, Mr Charles Duhigg has always known a thing or two about getting stuff done. But since writing Smarter Better Faster: The Secrets Of Being Productive – where he learned from the likes of Google, Disney and the armed forces – he has become a bona fide expert. Here are his top five tips.

People generate motivation by feeling like they’re in control. Make any chore into a choice. If you have a bunch of emails to read, reply to each with half a sentence where you assert some kind of control or opinion. If someone asks you to join their meeting, you could say: “Sure, I can join your meeting, but I’m going to show up at 10.00am and leave by 10.15am.”