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Fix Up, Look Sharp: Kingsman Is Here

October 2018Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

Of all the days of the week, Wednesday can easily be characterised as the least inspiring. In the immortal words of Joey from Friends, “Wednesday, when? Huh? What day?” Even The Cure’s Mr Robert Smith thought it best to just stay in bed on hump day (and Tuesday, too). Granted, it might be marginally better than Monday, but only because it has the advantage of not following the weekend. It’s the midweek hurdle. The bridge we all have to cross before we can start counting down to two glorious days of freedom from our desks. But this Wednesday is different. The general mood in MR PORTER HQ is one of excitement. Why? Because this Wednesday, new Kingman drops. Now in its ninth season, the capsule collection needs no introduction. However, for the uninitiated, here’s a brief primer.

First launched as a costume-to-collection line to coincide with the first instalment of Mr Matthew Vaughn’s spy franchise of the same name, Kingsman is now a fully fledged label in its own right. At the core, it’s a celebration of good old-fashioned craftsmanship and tried-and-true tailoring that manifests itself in sharply cut suits and shirts, as well as bench-made shoes and a whole host of smart accessories. This time round, you’ll notice that, in addition to George CleverleyDrake’s and Smythson, we’ve tapped a few more of our favourite British brands. Johnstons of Elgin and Lock & Co have joined the Kingsman fold to handle knitwear and hats respectively. And we’ve really gone to town on the formalwear front, with a selection of jewel-toned tuxedo jackets ready for the impending party season. Now that you’re briefed, let’s get going.

The Suit

Navy Double-Breasted Prince of Wales Checked Wool Suit Jacket
Navy Slim-Fit Prince of Wales Checked Wool Suit Trousers