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Grooming Essentials For Your Desk

November 2017Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

What if we told you that you could look great at work, all day, every day? Such a tantalising prospect is surprisingly possible, but you’ll need a few things first. We wouldn’t advise bringing your entire grooming routine to work, of course, but what we do suggest is amassing a discerning collection of deskside charms that will elevate you from dishevelled to dapper in nothing more than a few discreet spritzes, slicks and dabs.

We think grooming should be three things: convenient, easy, and quick. Whether it’s freshening up for a last-minute meeting, for instance, or if too much indulgence the night before has left you looking a little worse for wear the following morning, there are myriad reasons to keep a few go-to products at the office.

So, we have kindly devised a definitive list of 10 things you should keep at work at all times, to ensure you always look prim and proper. A deskside grooming guide, if you will, of stuff that will put you on the path to cosmetic enlightenment. Thank us later.