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How Our Style Heroes Dealt With The Cold

January 2018Words by Mr Adam Welch

Mr John F Kennedy Jr and Ms Carolyn Bissett, New York, 1997. Photograph by Mr Joshua Bucklan/Black Star/Eyevine

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the stylish names of yesteryear didn’t have to deal with all the same problems us. And in many areas that may well be true. You wouldn’t have caught Mr Paul Newman biting his nails wondering how many likes his latest Instagram post was going to get. Nor would you have had to conduct a conversation with Mr Gianni Agnelli while he was secretly Tindering people under the table. Yet all of them, like us, had to deal with the cold, something to bear in mind as you shiver your way through January. Luckily then, though Messrs John F Kennedy Jr, Sidney Poitier and more, below, can’t help us overcome that odd feeling of dread, inadequacy and sadness that we feel when scrolling through our Facebook feeds, they can deliver some very useful pointers on wrapping up warm in a stylish way. Scroll down to see how.

Mr John Lennon, on holiday in Scotland, 1969. Photograph by Globe Photos via ZUMA Wire