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How To Eat Well When You’re Travelling

June 2018Words by Mr Chris Wallace

Illustration by Mr Pete Gamlen

Historically speaking, aeroplane food has been pretty bad. Deciding between the chicken in glue sauce and the mealy mush penne does not enliven the gourmand in us. Nor does it enliven anything else, as we have discovered from the resulting mental and physical slump after eating at 35,000ft.

Granted, the wheelie-cart food on planes has improved somewhat in recent years, but that improvement has hardly kept pace with our growing awareness of the ethical sourcing of ingredients, nutritional value and dedication to whatever dietary regimen we happen to be cultishly beholden to. And that’s before we even consider how the food tastes. So the problem for long travel days is: to eat or not to eat? And if so, what? And how will that behaviour impact our performance at work and general life upon reaching our destination?

For a little guidance on these, and a few more, issues, we enlisted the help of two dedicated students of human fuel. Even at 46 years of age, Mr Kelly Slater is among the greatest pro surfers out there. He’s also a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen, taking great care over what he puts into his body, what he brings along on his not-infrequent travel days, and sometimes posting about these things on Instagram. Trainer, wellness guru and creator of holistic philosophy Ocho System, Mr Joe Holder is also a hardy proponent of plant-based life, gives full consideration to his diet, routines and the holistic ecology of our mood and performance, whether at home or on the run. Good guys to know. This is what we learnt.