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How To Look After Your Jeans

March 2017Words by Mr Alfred Tong

In 2015, the Swedish denim brand Nudie Jeans repaired 21,331 pairs of jeans at its Nudie Jeans Repair Shops. The jeans that are simply too battered to be resold or repaired get ground into pulp and the fibres recycled to provide the raw materials for the brand’s range of rugs, furniture and, yes, jeans made from reconstituted denim. No jeans get left behind in the world of Nudie Jeans. Suffice to say these guys know a thing or two about taking care of denim. Hoping to snag ourselves a morsel of this wisdom, we consulted Nudie Jeans denim designer Mr Johan Lindstedt for some key tips on jean maintenance, particularly in regards to washing (or rather, not washing) them, which we’re thrilled to share with you below. 

The Do Not Wash rule