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How To Make A Dukes Martini, By Mr Paul Feig

September 2018Words by The Daily team

In The Journal today we launch a new series where we take a look inside (or should we say walk into) the amazing wardrobes of some of the world’s most stylish men. First up is Hollywood director Mr Paul Feig – who is probably most famous for Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. But you already knew that. What you might not be aware of is his impressive array of clothing (mainly suits, on closer inspection) and accessories, which you can see in more detail in our film, shot at his LA home, here.

As well as fine clothes, Mr Feig likes fine cocktails. And, in the downtime during our shoot we learned that he knows how to make a mean martini. A proper martini, in fact. Forget vodka on the rocks – Mr Feig won’t get out of bed for anything less than a gin martini made the Dukes way. The bar in Mayfair, London, which was frequented by Mr Ian Fleming, has been serving them in a very particular fashion for more than 40 years, and does so today courtesy of its Italian bartender Mr Alessandro Palazzi. Of his beloved bar and drink, Mr Feig says, “I like to look at the martini as sort of the three-piece suit of the drink world…” Watch our film, above, to find out more about the Dukes martini.