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How to Pick a Not-Awful Valentine’s Card

February 2017Words by Ms Liv Siddall

Photographs courtesy of Scribble & Daub

The beginning of February is a time when people in relationships start sweating, under the ever-increasing pressure of producing the perfect Valentine’s moment out of their back pockets, come the 14th. But to be honest, they need to relax. Because traditionally, Valentine’s Day isn’t even about them. In fact, the holiday is designed specifically for those among us who hold a crush – the idea is that you send a Valentine to your intended to let them know about your true feelings. Accepted formats for this process include chocolates, flowers, and other such schmaltzy things. But we at MR PORTER prefer the time-honoured mechanism of the card. They’re simple, humble and, for those lucky people of the world that find themselves receiving multiple declarations of love, don’t take up too much room.

When choosing the card, remind yourself that it will – if you’re lucky – be kept for many years to come. Imagine the person you give it to opening a box in 20, maybe 30 years’ time, and finding it. To ensure they see it and look back on you with a warm fuzzy feeling, go with something memorable, lighthearted, and for the love of god, don’t go cheap. A good way of ensuring you avoid this is to buy a card from an illustrator or designer as opposed to a regular shop. Never, ever buy from a supermarket.

With this in mind, here are three examples of card-makers, printers and illustrators who have got the right idea. Solicit them for their wares (or even a custom-made design, if you’re feeling super-romantic), and you’re sure to impress.