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How To Play Tennis Like Mr Roger Federer

June 2016Words by Mr Mark Hodgkinson

Mr Roger Federer during the Australian Open, 26 January 2016. Photograph by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

In his Wimbledon whites, Mr Roger Federer will hit a kaleidoscope of shots on Centre Court this summer. He will bring colour and creativity to the grass. There will be a temptation to believe his elegant tennis is played on instinct. On a whim.

But artistry alone, or a kind of free-form tennis, hasn’t brought the Swiss an unprecedented 17 Grand Slams titles, seven of which he won on the lawns of London. Perhaps more than anyone else in the sport, Mr Federer thinks about the strategies, patterns and psychologies of contending for the biggest prizes. By analysing his and others’ data for my new book Fedegraphica – and also through speaking to those close to Mr Federer, and to other players and coaches – I have learnt the secrets of the greatest tennis player in history.

Here’s an insight into Mr Federer’s winning moves – which could land him a record eighth title in men’s singles at this summer’s Wimbledon – arranged into four tips on how to play like him (well, almost).