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How To Put Together The Perfect Cheese Board

November 2016Words by Ms Kate Kelley

Photograph courtesy of Neal’s Yard Dairy

As much as it pains us to admit it, given that it’s the middle of November, the festive season has officially begun. Holiday adverts have hit our screens, the halls of many a public place have been decked, and Mr Michael Bublé’s media machine is whirring into action. Whatever you take from this most joyful time of year, one activity we can all enjoy is over-indulgence. And no celebratory spread would be complete without a few choice chunks of cheese. However, for every spectacular arrangement of hand-churned artisanal varieties and homemade chutneys is a sad little plate of mild cheddar, stale Jacob’s crackers and soggy grapes.

In our minds, putting together the perfect cheese board is like assembling the perfect outfit (stay with us here). It takes a certain amount of personal flair, some careful planning and a little bit of expert advice. Which is why we consulted Ms Estelle Reynolds – a cheesemonger at Neal’s Yard Dairy, London’s foremost cheese shop – for her advice on the matter. Scroll on to discover her quick, expert guide to creating the perfect cheese board.