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How To Wear A Polo Shirt: Relaxing In The Town

May 2018Mr Porter

Holiday plans have been made, flights have been booked and the prospect of lounging in the sunshine somewhere overseas – margarita in hand, of course – is tantalisingly close. But, what on earth to wear? For something perennially vacation-ready, you could do worse than a fresh white polo shirt. In fact, we’re not sure you could do better. It’ll flatter your build, go well with anything from jeans and trousers to shorts, and is the perfect thing to wear during the day for a leisurely stroll around the town. Plus, it will look great with a tan.

As far as seeking out the best polo shirt goes, well, that’s easy. We at MR PORTER believe that if you’re going to do something, you’re better off doing it well – and if you’re going to wear a polo shirt, it would be wise to choose a brand that knows what it’s doing. In that regard, you’d be hard pressed to find better than Polo Ralph Lauren. The brand has been crafting polo shirts from fine piqué cotton for more than four decades, and though it’s a relatively simple garment, we think the preppy American outfitter does it best. Besides, “simple” is a surprisingly hard thing to get right.