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How To Wear A Suit With Sneakers

August 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Citizens, rejoice – we are no longer constrained by the sartorial codes of yesteryear, and are free to experiment in any which way we choose with the time-honoured staples of the male wardrobe. Of course, the only problem with this proposition is it’s not always easy to do so without looking a bit silly. The pairing of a suit with sneakers is a case in point – done well, it makes the wearer look simultaneously smart and effortlessly stylish. Done badly, it looks like they’re just on their way back from the office, via the gym. Seeing as this is a fairly new combination – and one full of pitfalls –  we at MR PORTER only thought it proper to put together a video guide on the topic. Press play to discover how to get this pairing right, whether you’re wearing a suit and sneakers to a creative office or a dressy evening event.


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