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How to Wear Chelsea Boots

June 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Chelsea boots, like children, do not come with a set of instructions. Of course, unlike children, they’re rather straightforward – there are no laces to speak of, and the basic design itself of this classic shoe is on the minimal side. Also, they don’t cry. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to know what you should wear them with – any kind of boot just takes that little bit more confidence and forward planning than your average shoe. In acknowledgement of this fact, we at MR PORTER have put together the above snappy video, which will walk you through three practical and stylish looks featuring this surprisingly versatile shoe in under a minute. If only everything in life was as simple.


Edward Green
Camden Suede Chelsea Boots
Polished-Leather Chelsea Boots
Leather Chelsea Boots
Pebble-Grain Leather Chelsea Boots