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How To Wear Shorts

July 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

As with any item of clothing that reveals large portions of the wearer’s skin, a pair of shorts, even worn with the best intentions in the world, can quickly go awry. Yes, they appear young and intrepid, but so do 10-year-old boys, and you don’t want to look like one of them. Yes, they’re cool and casual, but such an attitude is not appropriate for every situation (least of all the office, unless you’re very, very popular – in which case, go crazy). However, there comes a certain point each summer where this sometimes maligned garment becomes not only advisable, but necessary. Luckily it’s not too difficult to prepare yourself for this inevitable moment, as is hopefully evident in the above video guide, which covers a trio of common situations in which a pair of shorts might come in handy.


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