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How To Wear The Nineties Sportswear Trend

August 2017Words by The Daily Team

Photograph by Mr Nacho Alegre

Remember the 1990s? They didn’t seem that great at the time, to be honest, but such is the way of things: those rose-tinted glasses we all balance on our noses after a decade or so has passed seem to be really working hard on this epoch of raves, Britpop, bucket hats and baggy sweatshirts. Now, the fashion world has decreed, this is all once again the height of elegance and sophistication. What, you hadn’t realised? Really?

The 1990s sportswear trend might be a bit of a leap for those who didn’t come of age to a soundtrack of Oasis, Nirvana and Sir Mix-a-Lot. But it’s not ultimately all that complicated, and a lot of fun, if you’re game. Scroll down for three principles to live by, if you want to make this slice of nostalgia your own.


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