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In Praise Of The Giant, Droopy Bow Tie

May 2016Words by Mr Adam Welch

Mr Justin Timberlake. Photograph by Ms Kristina Afanasyeva/Featureflash

The star of this year’s Cannes red carpet? No, it’s not Mr Woody Allen, despite the fact that his very good-looking new film, Café Society, was the subject of the gala screening that launched the whole glitzy shebang last night. And no, it’s not one of the various models and actors that turned up to celebrate it. In fact, it’s not even a person. It’s a bow tie. Or, at least, a way of wearing one. Let 2016 be marked as the year that the big, floppy bow tie officially became the preferred neckwear of the great and good – presumably after much lobbying from the likes of Lanvin, a brand which has been pushing this sort of faded, turn-of-the-20th-century elegance for years now.

Mr Mads Mikkelsen

Mr Mads Mikkelsen. Photograph by Mr Lionel Urman/Splash News