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Introducing: The New Adidas Spezial Collection

March 2018Words by The MR PORTER team

Sportswear and nostalgia feel like two major themes in men’s style at the moment, so, amid the many products and collections we introduce on to MR PORTER every week, the new adidas Spezial launch feels particularly timely. Timely, despite the fact it is a collection that draws heavily on the UK acid-house scene. Designer Mr Gary Aspden was inspired by this year being the 30th anniversary of the second summer of love, and, as the sneaker brand of choice for many 24-hour ravers in the 1980s (and beyond), adidas boasts a clear link to this music subculture.

To produce the four-piece collection, which you can shop on MR PORTER from today, Mr Aspden delved into the adidas archives – both catalogues and the physical archive itself in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria – and drew upon his own memories of wearing sneakers in the 1970s and 1980s, when the trefoil logo was on nearly every foot.

The German brand tells us that the capsule “builds on the narrative of previous collections with a journey of self-discovery and the re-telling of British rave culture”. Mr Aspden meanwhile describes it as a series of new hybrids based on old archive products, tweaked to create something new. Rich sporting heritage fused with pop-culture references for a contemporary collection – with pastel shades, detailed embroidery and classic silhouettes playing major roles.