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Let’s Talk About... Pink

March 2017Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

A$AP Rocky at London Collections Men SS17. Photograph by Mr Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Few fashion trends, if any, come without an element of transgression. Take socks and sandals. If you’d worn them a few years ago, you would have been treated as the worst kind of pariah. Now, thanks to their reinvention at the hands of Prada, they are the height of style. It seems that only by overstepping social boundaries are we able to push things forward.

Many of these boundaries are quite frivolous, and frankly asking to be stepped over. In the case of pink, however, they are particularly well-entrenched. The colour’s effeminate connotations, which have taken root over decades, mean that many men – especially older guys, who grew up in an era of testosterone-fuelled hypermasculinity – may refuse to wear it simply as a matter of principle.

This is both a folly and a shame: a folly, because the social rules that supposedly make it inappropriate for men to wear pink have never been less relevant than now; a shame, because the spring collections are absolutely full of the stuff, and to reject it out of hand is to miss out on one of this season’s most rewarding trends.