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Letter-Writing Tips From Great Men

November 2016Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

To celebrate the launch of The Art of the Everyday, our new capsule collection with COS, we at MR PORTER decided to muse upon a few simple quotidian habits that can vastly improve the quality of a man’s life. Below, man of letters and MR PORTER Contributing Editor Mr Mansel Fletcher muses upon the art of hand-written communication, and looks to some of its greatest masters for tips.

The convenience of electronic communication is unimpeachable. Fixing a training session with your PT? Send him a text. Catching up with an old friend who now lives abroad? Send her an email. Making a plan to see your sister? Use WhatsApp. But if you’re thanking a friend for dinner, applying for a job, commissioning an artist, passing on fatherly advice or even chasing a debt, it’s better to put pen to paper. Their scarcity means that hand-written letters have never made as deep an impression as they do now.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead enjoy three letters written by great men, all taken from the blog Letters Of Note, and see what conclusions you draw.