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Our Favourite Items From The Mr P. Label

April 2018Words by Mr Anish Patel

If you hadn’t already noticed through our ruthless self-promotion on every social channel imaginable, the Mr P. SS18 collection has finally landed. This season, we took inspiration from the nautical style of men such as Mr Jacques Cousteau and President John F Kennedy. The result is a versatile (yes, yes, bragging is most unbecoming, we know) 34-piece collection that encompasses relaxed sportswear, warm-weather tailoring, lightweight knitwear and, for the first time, shorts, all designed to fit in with your existing gear.

We can gush about it so readily because, in simple terms, these clothes represent what we like most about men’s fashion. These are stylish, yet understated, simple pieces. Affordable, but made to the highest standards. But, they won’t be around for ever. Like most Mr P. collections, this one is of the limited-edition variety, meaning you’ll have to be click off the mark to cop your own (see what we did there?). 

If you’re in need of some inspiration, scroll down to see what our very own staff members will be snapping up for the season ahead.