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Six (Alternative) Ways To Use Chopsticks

March 2017Words by Mr Tom Ford

Photograph by @grungeee

When we first featured the team behind Bao (for their beef soup recipe, head here), they were serving Taiwanese food to queue (and queue) for from premises in Soho. Since then, they have opened a bookings (hurrah!) restaurant in Fitzrovia, and now have a new restaurant, Xu, on the way in spring. Given that they still offer their wares from their original Netil Market stall, you might say they have a mini empire on their hands.

As well as having business nous, the trio (sister and brother Ms Wai Ting and Mr Shing Tat Chung, and his wife Ms Erchen Chang), who all studied design at university, are incredibly creative. They wouldn’t reveal the magic formula for a successful restaurant franchise, so, with a new mini Bao set menu launching at Bao Fitzrovia this week, we asked them for help with our chopstick skills instead. Mastered transferring food from bowl to mouth? Mr Chung, who designed the Bao logo, has come up with an illustrated guide for those who want to learn more.