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Six Common Myths About Nutrition

April 2018Words by Mr Shane C Kurup

Illustration by Ms Karin Kellner

Bizarre fad diets are not a recent phenomenon. The famously vain dandy Lord Byron was so petrified of gaining weight in the 1820s that he existed on a diet of red cabbage and cider and was known to exercise wearing as many as six coats in an attempt to sweat off excess pounds.

In 1903 Mr Horace Fletcher, an art dealer, gave rise to the dietary craze known as Fletcherism. This involved chewing every mouthful of food no fewer than 32 times to aid digestion.

In the 1950s, Mr Elvis Presley was an advocate of the Sleeping Beauty diet, which basically involved remaining unconscious (sometimes in an induced coma) in bed for extended periods instead of exercising or limiting your food intake, which, as we all know, was never his forte.