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Six Predictions For The Premier League This Season

August 2018Words by Mr Thom Gibbs

Mr Harry Kane at White Hart Lane, London, February 2017. Photograph by Mr Daniel Bearham/Colorsport

After a break of roughly 11 minutes following the conclusion of the World Cup, football is back with us from Friday night, this time in its domestic form. The Premier League kicks off with 13-time champions Manchester United hosting one-time (yes, it actually happened) winners Leicester City. Prepare for a TV experience including the usual recipe of bells, whistles, hype, drama and adverts for gambling companies. On the pitch, each new campaign brings with it some certainties: lavishly-paid players, moments of enormous excitement, far more extended moments of tedium. But what else can we expect from 2018/19? Here are six predictions.

Manchester City will win every trophy in existence