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Ten Essential Pieces No Man Should Be Without

2 weeks agoMr Porter

We cannot prescribe clothing for everyone. No two men are the same and nor should they be. But among the flourishes of individuality you might get from a Gucci tracksuit or Off-White insignia, there are certain things a man should own nonetheless. Our intention when we started putting this edit of 10 items together was to select the clothing that most men would find most useful. What do we mean by useful? Well, these are classic, timeless pieces that are free from the fickleness of trends and therefore exceedingly versatile and, indeed, valuable. These are the essential essentials, if you will. You may not agree entirely with our selection (feel free to vent your fury on our Facebook page), but investing to any degree in this list will at least bring some solid options to your wardrobe. Or feel free to buy the lot – we’re not about the stop you. Anyway, here it is: 10 things every man should own.

Common Projects has, arguably, stolen the title of timeless sneaker maker from Converse and Vans in the past few years. With its minimalist design, almost imperceptible logo and expert craftsmanship, you can see why its shoes are so popular. They’re also ten a penny in the MR PORTER office, so you’re in good company with a pair of these.

Common Projects
Original Achilles Leather Sneakers