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The Films That Made Corduroy Cool

September 2017Words by Mr Paul L Underwood

Mr Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013. Photograph by AF archive/Alamy

Mr Dustin Hoffman. Mr Robert Redford. Mr Brad Pitt. What do these men have in common, besides Oscar statuettes and envy-inducing CVs? A fondness for wearing corduroy on screen, that’s what. Each of these icons has used this season’s essential fabric to do what it does best: convey a delicate balance of intelligence and swagger. When one is playing, say, a tenacious newspaper reporter or a pot-loving professor, there really is no substitute. Follow their examples, and you’ll discover a look that will last you far beyond the coming season. (Actually lighting up with your students, though, in the manner of Mr Donald Sutherland, may not be advised.)

Mr Bill Murray in The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001. Photograph by Mr James Hamilton/Touchstone/REX Shutterstock