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Three Chefs Who Are Making Healthy Food Palatable

April 2017Words by Mr Ben Olsen

A clean-eating revolution has brought wholesale changes to our culinary landscape, fuelled by a wave of bloggers, vloggers and Ms Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop cookbook, which champion a move away from processed foods towards provenance, with wholegrains, plant proteins, nuts, seeds and oils taking centre stage. On the back of this, a new wave of health-conscious restaurants has emerged that is set on expanding our horizons rather than our waistlines.

Yet while the trend is certainly well-intentioned, a certain holier-than-thou contingent has drawn recent criticism from various quarters for practices (and profiteering) not always supported by science, the potentially risky rejection of entire food groups and a polarisation of language with certain other ingredients unhelpfully depicted as “dirty” by comparison. Not to mention its proponents’ love of a narcissistic hashtag.

Rather than staking everything on DIY almond milk, far-flung nut butters and intravenous turmeric injections, the following three chefs have adopted their own approaches to healthy eating, taking a measured approach to the trend and serving up dishes (try out their recipes, below) that manage to strike a perfect balance.