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Three Ways To Wear A Rollneck

October 2017Words by Mr Shane C Kurup

Photograph by Ms Christine Faraji. Styled by Ms Heather Malmstrom

Feeling the chill yet? We certainly are here at MR PORTER HQ – not only is the mercury rapidly dipping southward, but the ridiculously efficient office air-con has made us think it’s time to don something a little more substantial. The most style-appropriate answer? It’s got to be a rollneck.

Like many items that hang in our wardrobes today, the rollneck has its origins in the armed forces and industry – it was originally issued as part of the Royal Navy’s official uniform and were also worn by fishermen and merchant seamen to provide some relief from the daily lashings of salty spray and gale-force winds.

In the 1920s, it became a firm fixture of the civilian wardrobe – thanks largely to Sir Noël Coward and a host of other well-turned-out society gents. It later became a symbol of anti-establishment thinking after its adoption by the Beat generation in the 1950s.