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Where To Find The World’s Best Ice Cream

July 2017Words by Mr Ben Olsen

Raw milk and black coconut ash cone at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, New York. Photograph by Mr Alan Gastelum, courtesy of Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Synonymous with sunny climes, good times and perhaps a Mr Luciano Pavarotti reference or two, ice cream is a language that’s understood the world over. Beyond the surface, though, it’s a different story, with fiercely guarded family recipes, science-led innovation and debates of origin helping shape the new flavours and formats appearing on our menus. It’s peak season for frozen desserts, so we’ve put the ice cream-versus-gelato debate (the latter being denser, silkier and supposedly healthier) to one side to pick out seven of the world’s top spots for game-changing scoops. No flake required.

In a city famed for generations-old gelato makers, it’s tough to make an impact, but since chef Ms Maria Agnese Spagnuolo opened her first outlet in 2003, the artisan methods of this expanding enterprise have won their place in Roman hearts. Ms Spagnuolo, who’s written a book on gelato’s health benefits, says her all-natural, gluten-free flavours blend family recipes with far-flung inspiration and with a new store opening in Los Angeles this summer, her creations are about to go global.