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Where To Go For A Digital Detox In 2018

January 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Digital detox retreat and Arctic sailing adventure, Norway. Photograph courtesy of Pukka Travels

In the (relatively recent) past, it was totally normal – expected, even – for the internet to be part and parcel of your holiday. If you didn’t gloat to the masses via a picture of your beachside caipirinha captioned “Ugh, Mondays”, did you even go anywhere? But now that emails and social media feeds have fully saturated our lives and a Wi-Fi connection has inevitably slithered its way onto long-haul flights (previously the last bastion of digital solace, bar Amish country and North Korea), there are few places where you can be truly free from that addictive and potentially damaging dopamine buzz you get from your phone.

Fortunately, there’s an answer. In an age where your mum posts motivational quotes on Instagram and even your grandparents are au fait with Amazon Echo, we’re becoming increasingly tuned in to the idea of tuning out, and a number of companies and hotels across the world are now offering retreats that promise a cleanse from all things screen-based. So, forgive us for making you spend more time looking at one, but see below for some of the best places to go for a digital detox. Read on, log off and go and find yourself – just don’t forget to write a lengthy and insufferable post about it on your return.