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Why Facial Oils Might Be Better Than Moisturiser

March 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Winter is cancelled. It’s cold, it’s tough on our skin, and it’s been going on for far, far too long. Mercifully, next week officially marks the beginning of spring, and so we’re turning our thoughts to how we can forget winter ever happened. Which brings us to facial oils.

Despite having been used by dermatologists for years, we men in the street often worry that slathering oil onto our faces is, well, counter-intuitive to achieving nicer skin. But that isn’t always true. Instead, facial oils more accurately mimic the natural oils produced by your skin than a moisturising cream does, making them the perfect thing to rejuvenate your face. They also happen to be easier to apply. Plus, contrary to popular belief, they can be used on both oily and dry skin to stabilise oil production and calm skin down. With all that in mind, we've picked out four facial oils below for every skin type.


Natura Bissé
Diamond Extreme Oil, 30ml
Natura Bissé
Diamond Extreme Mask, 75ml