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Why There’s Never Been A Better Time To Eat In

August 2016Words by Mr Oliver Franklin-Wallis

Photograph courtesy of Ando

The modern diner’s dilemma: what to eat tonight. That trendy new pop-up? Prepare to queue. The open-air food truck festival? In the rain, forget it. The old Italian favourite? Fully booked. And who in their busy schedule has time to cook anymore? Thankfully, there has never been a better time to eat in. With the proliferation of on-demand food startups, it’s not just about ordering a burger through Deliveroo anymore. Arranging everything from Michelin-star food to gluten-free ingredient boxes has never been easier. So it’s no surprise that some enterprising eateries are now doing away with physical premises altogether and delivering mouthwatering, hot-off-the-pass plates from world-class chefs straight to your door. All you have to do is download an app, place your order, and queue up the next episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things until your meal arrives. (And remember to always tip the driver.) Here are three of the best examples of takeaway companies with a twist.


Established by Mr David Chang – of New York’s acclaimed Asian-fusion Momofuku restaurants – Ando currently only delivers to those living in the Midtown East area of Manhattan. But for those that do, there’s no better: the menu at Ando has been developed by head chef Mr JJ Basil specifically for delivery – taking into account ingredients’ perishability, how long they stay hot, even their pH level. “We are uniquely focused on leveraging technology and food science,” says Mr Hooman Radfar, co-founder and CEO. “Our food is literally designed for delivery.” Rather than ramen or ssam, expect unlikely, inventive takes on fast food: melting cheesesteaks (with fresh bread chosen, so it won’t go soggy on route), fried chicken, and cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar. Not within its East Side catchment area? Try Maple, also backed by Chang. Headed up by Ms Soa Davies, formerly of Le Bernardin, Maple offers healthy twists on takeaway food – the menu changes daily – and delivers across Manhattan in a speedy 30 minutes or less.