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You Asked: Can I Wear An Overcoat If I’m Short?

November 2017Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

In his book, Modern Romance, about dating in the digital age, the comedian and MR PORTER Style Council member Mr Aziz Ansari writes about “the paradox of choice” brought about by sites like Tinder. We tend to think that the more options we have available, the better. But in reality, it can make it harder to make a selection – and when we do, we’re less satisfied because maybe there is something better out there.

And so it can be with online shopping. When you are presented with so many possibilities, how on earth do you narrow them down to home in on the item that is right for you? That’s where our search functionality comes in. But of course, it also helps to have someone to point you in the right direction. Which is what we have tried to do in answering the three questions below.

Keep sending your queries in, either via our Instagram feed @mrporterlive or directly to with “You Asked” in the subject header – it makes it easier to search, you see.