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You Asked: How Can I Get Glowing Skin (Without The Grease)?

October 2018Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

This week, we did something we’ve never done before: we put a call-out on Instagram for grooming-related questions, and the response was rather overwhelming. Although not, perhaps, surprising. For chaps who like to move through life well groomed, finding products that work well isn’t always as easy as asking your mates for recommendations. Any lotions and potions we use to keep ourselves looking sharp, stay shut away in the bathroom cabinet, and which moisturiser you’re loving at the moment isn’t typical pub talk, after all. The result, then, is that a lot of us have no idea. Thankfully, we at MR PORTER are au fait with what makes a difference grooming-wise and what doesn’t, and this week we’re answering the question of how to get brighter skin without looking like an oil slick. Of course, we can’t answer all of your queries at once, so keep your eyes peeled on The Daily over the coming weeks where we’ll address your concerns.

I want brighter skin without looking greasy. Any recommendations?

@hugobonifaz via Instagram