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You Asked: How Often Should I Use A Facial Scrub?

November 2018Mr Porter

Photograph by Mr Jonathan Daniel Pryce

We felt that this Style Questions series, where we ask our followers to submit queries to on social media and provide an answer each week, could be seen as a bit exclusive. Not exclusive to particular people, of course. Come one, come all. No, we realised it was exclusive to, well, clothes. And, given that MR PORTER offers a comprehensive selection of grooming products, we thought we should cater for these needs, too, and try to unpack the world of moisturisingshaving and general fine-tuning. So, we asked you for your grooming queries, and grooming queries you certainly had. Plenty of them. First up today: the gritty world of facial scrubs

How many times a week do you need to use a facial scrub?

_jbcabig via Instagram