Eight New Craft Beers To Try This Summer

July 2019Words by Mr Jim Merrett

With summer now in full swing and parts of the world experiencing record-breaking temperatures, one thing we can all agree on is the need for a quick drink. A possibly more contentious issue is what to crack open. For those who are particularly parched, an ice-cold beer, shot enticingly with condensation provocatively running down from the bottle, can, as the slogan goes, refresh the parts other beverages cannot reach. Widely available bog-standard conglomerate lager doesn’t always hit the spot, however. The craft beer revolution has opened up our taste buds to bolder flavours, but a wealth of choice can lead to indecision. Do you, for instance, opt for an IPA or try something else?

“Sour beers are perfect for summer,” says Mr Tom McKim, director of London beer shop chain Clapton Craft. Popularised in Belgium, these beers employ somewhat unpredictable wild yeast to create a beer that is, as the name suggests, often tart to the taste. Warm fermented beers known as gose, from the German town Goslar, also typically feature a salty bitterness that will quench a thirst. Or you could indeed go for a trusty pale ale. For more inspiration, drink in the eight refreshing brews below, selected by some of Britain’s best beer shops.