Go Wild With The New Eye/LOEWE/Nature Collection

July 2019Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

In an age of constant collaboration and reinvention, brand offshoots and diffusions appear and disappear with sometimes alarming regularity. Many, it seems, are doomed from the start; fated to fade away sheepishly into obscurity. But Mr Jonathan Anderson knows he’s onto a very good thing with Eye/LOEWE/Nature, a rugged descendent of the Spanish label’s well-established main line that launched back in January. Now in its sophomore season, the great outdoors-inspired brand is well and truly thriving.

Eye/LOEWE/Nature’s debut collection challenged the very concept of how we define a luxury label – the clothes weren’t the type of thing you’d usually see on a runway. Instead, they’re the sturdy stuff Mr Anderson’s younger brother, whose outdoor pursuits served as the initial inspiration, would wear on his everyday adventures: function-first outerwear, cargo trousers and convertible backpacks. It was, practically speaking, perfect. And stylish to boot.

The AW19 line continues the theme, but feels a little more experimental. Fabric and print are stars of the show, while Mr Anderson’s keen eye for colour comes into play. Organic cotton tees emblazoned with swirling, kaleidoscopic landscapes, tough twill shorts with an abundance of pockets, and a certain-to-sell-out psychedelic fleece stand out in this action-packed second outing.