The Ultimate Pore-Minimising Grooming Routine

July 2019Words by Mr Gregory Allen

Illustration by Mr Nick Hardcastle

Pores. A blight on anyone that’s ever taken a close-up selfie, and, frustratingly, one that is near impossible to cure. As we live in the era of HD, where everything can be zoomed in on and scrutinised, we are finding ourselves becoming more and more obsessed with the tiny “flaws” on our faces, seeking out products, procedures and even plastic surgeons to try and fix them.

Not that you can fix pores – you will always have them. The small openings in our faces (and all over the body) that release sweat and sebum, pores are necessary to detoxify our skin. While the size of them are primarily a genetic trait (thanks, Mum and Dad), large pores tend to pester the majority of men. Our skin is up to 25 per cent thicker than women’s, so it naturally produces more oil to maintain moisture levels. Annoyingly, this excess oil enlarges our pores, filling them up with sebum so they can pop out and say hello.

Thankfully, science has somewhat of a solution, and there has been a recent barrage of products entering the market claiming to cleanse, conceal and close our overexcited pores. Dr Joney De Souza, one of London’s most eminent aesthetic doctors, gave MR PORTER some advice on how to handle your face so it looks fresh, filtered and as flawless as possible.