You Asked: What Should I Pack For A 10-Day Summer Vacation?

July 2019Words by Mr Stephen Doig, men’s style editor, The Daily Telegraph

Illustration by Ms Giovanna Giuliano

“We’re all going on a summer holiday,” declared Sir Cliff Richard in his 1963 hit with The Shadows, “Summer Holiday”. Two decades later, Madonna informed us that if we took a holiday, “it would be so nice”. A further 36 years on and we’re still wistfully picturing ourselves on a sandy beach, the warm breeze in our hair, the sea lapping at our bare feet and possibly a fruity cocktail in our hand. Only we’re no closer to solving a knotty conundrum, and one for which neither Sir Cliff nor Ms Ciccone provided any insight. Namely, what to pack for said time to celebrate. One MR PORTER reader is going away for 10 days and, rather than turning to a pop star for guidance, we asked Mr Stephen Doig, men’s style editor at The Daily Telegraph, which items of clothing should make the cut. Now, when it comes to where to spend your annual leave, we hear there’s fun and sunshine, enough for everyone, at Club Tropicana (also the drinks are free).

How many outfits should I pack for a 10-day holiday?

From @georgecollison, via Instagram